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Custom Cycles
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Australian Dealer

Sole Australian Distributor

Sole Australian Distributor
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Magazine Available
Magazine Available


Sole Australian Distributor

HPU framed, custom drag- style,
Twin Cam Evolution, by Habermann

Rusty's Bayside Custom Cycles - Shop Front

This listing represents only a portion of what we have available

Current "Specials" - Available Now

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NOS = New Old Stock - obsolete, original H.D.
Factory Manufactured Parts, CP. = Cadmium Plated

Prices are in $ US

Serial Number Product Description Photo Unit Price Unit
1226-33/40 1226-33 Body 1¼ M41
1226-33 Body 1¼ M51-none left use M58
1226-33 Body 1¼ M58
1226-40 Body 1½ M35
1226-40 Body 1½ M36
Many other Linkert bits available
Rustys Custom Linkert Bits $75.00
18238-39 Valve spring upper cover, original
perfect condition, CP.
(Also have individual covers)
$125.00 set of 4
18256-39 Valve spring lower cover (inside), original
perfect condition,CP.
(Also have individual covers)
$100.00 set of 4
18611-39 18612-39 Tappet guide front and rear, sets of 4 ($100) or individual front and rear. 
set of 4
24721-30 Bottom.
NOS. Left roller bearing retainer (also star hub).
$12.50 ea
24912-37 Right.
Crankcase relief pipe. CP.
$10.00 ea
25208-37 Cam gear cover, used,
very good general condition.
$162.50 ea
25302-37 Left.
Breather valve and scavenger pump pinion gear
$43.75 ea
25775-30 Right.
Idler gear
$50.00 ea
25851-37 Left.
NOS. Circuit breaker drive gear.
$18.75 ea
26331-37 Left.
NOS. Breather valve gear and scavenger pump drive shaft.
$18.75 ea
26343-39 Right.
NOS. Scavenger pump screen
$3.75 ea
30025-30 Left.
Generator strap. 45" + 74"-80" side valves. CP.
$25.00 ea
30025-36 Right.
Generator strap 36-54, OHV, CP.
$25.00 ea
30425-36 NOS. Set of brushes and springs - consists of:
1x 3049-26- small brush and spring
2x30450-32 - large brush and spring
$18.75 ea
31724-61 Bracket- spark coil.
Very good condition, original.
$25.00 ea
31726-61 Plate bracket spark coil.
Very good condition, original.
$12.50 ea
31731-29 Bottom. 
Spark coil U-bolt strap. C.P.
$18.75 pair
31734-36 Top.
Spark coil U-bolt. C.P.
$22.50 pair
32506-37 Timer shaft and housing.
Good order.
Many other timer parts and vintages available, including complete dual point style (all original).
$43.75 ea
32588-36 NOS. Circuit breaker cover. CP. $31.25 ea
33789-37 Shifter guide (4 speed)
Good condition
$37.50 ea
35286-39 Top.
NOS. Reverse. Mainshart, low and reverse gear
$87.50 ea
35293-36 Right.
NOS. Reverse. Mainshart, second gear gear.
$56.25 ea
35762-39 Left.
NOS. Reverse. Countershaft, low gear
$75.00 ea
35665-36 Top.
NOS. Counter shaft shifter clutch
$43.75 ea
36830-36 NOS. 
Foot lever bearing cover. CP.
$15.00 ea
36880-36 NOS. Foot lever spring. CP. $5.00 ea
36886-41 Left.
NOS. Clutch foot lever pin. CP.
$8.00 ea
37361-41 Right.
NOS. Pushrod adjusting screw 
nut. CP. 
37496-41 Top.
NOS. Clutch lock nut (mainshaft). CP.
$18.00 ea
37567-41 Clutch hub bearing plate. Original. CP. $10.00 ea
38011-41 Clutch pressure plate. Original. CP. $10.00 ea
41671-37 Left.
NOS. Rear brake operating shaft.
$30.00 ea
41875-38 Left.
Rear brake shoe pivot stud. Original. VG condition. CP.
$18.75 ea
41929-36 Top.
Break operating lever. 
Original. VG condition.
$25.00 ea
44146-41 Front brake side cover.
Good original.
$118.75 ea
44210-40 Front brake shackle. Original. CP. $50.00 ea
44226-36 Right.
NOS. Front brake shackle fork stud.
$31.25 ea
44449-36 Right.
Front brake shoe pivot stud. Original. VG condition.
$18.75 ea
44475-35 Top.
NOS. Brake shoe pivot stud plate. CP.
$6.25 ea
45030-28 Bottom.
NOS. Bracket clamp. CP.
$5.00 ea
45031-41 Right.
NOS. Hand lever pivot screw. CP.
$6.25 ea
45033-41 Left.
NOS. Hand lever clamp bushing. CP
$5.00 ea
45182-29 Right.
NOS. Lower conection clamp nut (front brake) CP.
$9.50 ea
45643-31 Top.
NOS. Spring rod bushing
$37.50 pair
45682-32 Bottom.
NOS. Rocker stud screw. CP.
$12.50 pair
46059-30 Top.
NOS. Recoil bumper springs
$31.25 pair
46757-36 Left.
NOS. Steering damper screw. CP.
$15.00 each
48327-36 NOS. Upper head cone adjusting nut. CP. $50.00 ea
49345-24 Bottom.
NOS. Front stand spring. CP.
$9.50 pair
56626-37 Top.
NOS. Spark control coil frame clamp. CP.
$10.00 ea
60636-36 Bottom.
NOS. Inner chain guard rear bracket. CP.
$12.50 ea
68093-47 NOS. Tail lamp out look lens (glass) $25.00 ea

NOS.Tail lamp red lens retaining springs-left and 
$2.50 ea
69041-31 Right.
NOS. Horn curved spring plate
$2.50 each
69042-29 Centre.
NOS. Horn straight spring plate
$2.50 each
69043-29 Left.
NOS. Horn bracket spring
$3.75 each
69130-54 Right.
Horn power pack bracket. CP.
$25.00 ea
71610-42 Bottom.
NOS. Panel swich knob only (no screw)
$6.50 ea
74765-47 Left.
Relay bracket. CP.
$18.75 ea
87127-36 Top.
Side car, frame brace upper connection (front). CP. Original
$43.75 ea
87128-36 Bottom.
Side car, frame brace upper comnnection (rear). CP. Original
$43.75 ea
87135-36 Right.
Side car, frame brace upper connection bolt. CP. Original.
$31.25 ea
87176-37 Lower front connection socket tie rod. Original. $87.50 ea
87438-30 NOS. Side car axle extension nut. CP. $12.50 ea
88025-23 Left.
NOS. Sidecar fender bracket. CP.
$15.00 ea


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