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Tony and Marc Russo, Father and Son Owners of Cycle Dynamics, Inc. of Boynton Beach, Florida - "We recently road and dyno tested Dynacycle Oil in the extreme heat and humidity of South Florida. The results were outstanding." full testimonial  

Patrolman Richard Branche, Township of East Brunswick, New Jersey, Department of Public Safety, Division of Police - "For the past five years the East Brunswick Police Department motorcycle unit has used Dynacycle motor oil. We have found it to be one of the best products we've used in quite some time." full testimonial

Anthony Pavia, Chief of Maintenance, ROPAviation, Inc. - "I rode for 70 miles before checking the oil temperature and was pleasantly surprised to see 210 Degrees on my Digital Dipstick. At that point, I started the bike and let it idle for 10 minutes. The oil temperature reading was 213 degrees. I continued to idle the bike for another 10 minutes and watched the temperature fluctuate between 212 and 213 degrees. Still running idle for an additional 30 minutes the readings didn't change. That same day, I rode to Iron Cycles, Inc. for two reasons. One, to thank Wally for introducing me to Dynacycle Oil and explaining all it's benefits and second, was to pickup another quart of Dynacycle Oil in case I ran low." full testimonial
Carl Piro, Keansburg, NJ - "I have recommended this oil to everyone I know. My bikes run so much cooler and performs so much better. I will never use any other oil in my motorcycles. I am writing this letter in hopes that you will spread the word about this oil and more shops will carry it so I won't have to pack it every time I go cross country." full testimonial 

Larry Mangino, Long Island City, N.Y.
 - "I have a digital temperature dip stick and the actual oil temperature runs approximately 27 degrees lower on average. I now have Dynacycle Oil in both of my bikes. I can honestly say that Dynacycle Oil made a huge difference in temperature and performance. I would recommend it to anyone who owns or rides a motorcycle." full testimonial

Kevin Mahon, Police Motorcycle Maintenance & Repair, MobileMech, Inc - "The Cylinders actually looked cleaner than prior to the test. I was very skeptical of any oil product claiming to lower engine temperature. I won't use oils in the air cooled motors I'm responsible for that use Teflon or graphite. I'm convinced and I now use Dynacycle Oil in my personal motorcycle." full testimonial 



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| Motor Oil | Dynacycle Oil | NEWS | Dealer Info | Endorsements | Test Results | FAQ |

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